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Novel Outline Cheat Sheet AND Novel Excerpt

For some reason, I can read every plot structure and outlining book and article, listen to a hoard of audiobooks, YouTube videos and classes, yet somehow outlining remains a challenge for me.

My inner novelist has a natural grasp of plot structure and I’ve been able to “pants” (write a novel without plotting, by the seat of my pants). However, I’ve had to face plot holes and inconsistencies that have sadly left me in an endless cycle of rewrites.

To avoid said time-consuming obstacles, I’ve decided to–no, forced myself–to outline my current work-in-progress. To facilitate this process, I’ve combined elements from a number of sources into a Novel Outline Cheat Sheet.

Knowing the hard work and time (and SOUL) that goes into crafting a novel, it is my belief that writer’s shouldn’t compete with one another; rather, we should band together for support and encouragement. That is why I’m sharing this Novel Outline Cheat Sheet with you.

CLICK HERE for the Novel Outline Cheat Sheet

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Thank you and God bless!


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