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Dear Writing Community, I Need Your Help!

This is not an editorial request.

I’m in search of a Mentor/Book Coach willing to help out an emerging author through the plotting/outlining process.

I’m a terrible plotter! The ideas and characters are swirling around in my mind and on the page but every attempt to identify my plot points goes sour. I don’t know which point should go where. Anyone else have this problem? I’ve written 15,000 words, developed in-depth character sketches, character goals, motivations, backstory and character arcs but, when it comes to solidifying my plot outline with scene…I’m a helpless pantser wishing she had a wise mentor who could kindly point her in the right direction.

Established and published authors: HELP!

Do you have a Mentor or Coach? Where should I go? Who should I ask?

I understand that a Mentor/Mentee relationship is an often personal thing but an invaluable asset to the writing process. And after reading several articles and novels on the writing process, each author alludes to this mighty mentor that I don’t have and can’t find. Any suggestions?

Consider sharing with your bookish friends; the support and guidance is always appreciated! Thank you!


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