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Raphaël’s Story: Submissions!

In the writing world, November is known as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). The goal is to write an average of 1667 words per day with the goal of 50,000 words written towards a novel.

This year I’d decided to participate for the first time. My current project is a Contemporary Adult Novel called, “Straddling the Void,” a story of addiction and exploitation that explores themes of redemption and love.

During my first week, I was well on my way to hitting my numbers until my world came crashing down around me on November 5th.

As a way to update people without continuously rehashing my grief, I decided to write a blog post. It was deeply therapeutic for me to recall the details of both the miracles and the trauma I’d been going through, also helping me to grieve without getting hysterical. The post has since gone somewhat viral in a way, having received close to 5000 views in just 5 days.

Posted for my personal healing, my story has since touched so many others, even strangers! The extent of the healing continues to amaze me and I know this story is greater than me. That being said, the miracles haven’t stopped! I still get visits by hospital staff, messages from strangers, family and friends impacted by these events. The layers keep adding atop one another, so much so that I could fill a book!

I might have started my November with the intention of writing a novel—God would seem to agree—I will be writing a novel this month, just not the one I’d had planned.

This is where you come in!

The amount of stories I’ve heard, testimonies of healing, all spurred by Raphaël’s little life and the incredible power of prayer, are too much for me to keep to myself. I have already begun writing Raphaël’s story in greater detail since even the original blog post I shared is missing details I learned after or that I merely forgot to include. I want to include a section in the novel for testimonies from all of the people who have been touched in a special way or who have experienced healing as a result.

Where to Submit?

If you would like to submit an account of your experience for potential publication in Raphaël’s story, you may make your submission at:

Should you wish to remain anonymous, please specify in your e-mail. I will respect any name changes for privacy also.

Lastly, I would like to thank you in advance for sharing your vulnerability with not only me but with the world. I keep asking, “Lord, why me? Why did You save me?” The only answer I have is that this story is GREATER than me, that God is using Raphaël more than for my own personal healing. Already the reach has been mystifying and I firmly believe Raphaël’s story needs to be shared, and that all who have been personally touched or affected should be given the opportunity to bear further witness to the power of prayer and the power of miracles.

God bless,

Vanessa Marie Caron

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