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Thank You ❤️

As November comes to a close, snow begins to fall here in the Ottawa region bringing us into a new month and a new season. Advent has begun and our hearts are being prepared for Love Incarnate to enter our homes and our lives.

Marc-Antoine and I have received an astonishing amount of love and support throughout the past month and wanted to express, again, the depth of our gratitude. The meals provided to our family nourished my family when I was away in hospital and even now as I have been re-admitted to hospital (you can read more on this here). We have appreciated every dish, filling our deep freezer with extras and leftovers, needing to borrow another deep freezer for additional meals since our own freezer had no more room! These meals will be a great aid for when I return home, especially as I recover.

Thank you ❤️

I get teary-eyed from the financial support that has flooded in from friends, family and strangers alike. This has been an immense blessing as we enter the holiday season, especially since Marc-Antoine has been away from work for over a month now and will not return until at least mid-January.

He has always been a wonderful husband and father, but has become more so in my eyes as he has stepped up to do all household chores and duties, takes me to all my appointments and ER visits (there have been 3 since being discharged!), he attends to the children and continues to tackle projects around the house that can’t be left neglected. Having the stress of financial responsibility alleviated from his shoulders is a blessing we’ve humbly accepted and appreciate.

Thank you ❤️

I am writing these thank you’s today, November 4th, from hospital, watching the gently falling snow from my window. I have been in hospital for four days now and, although doing much better, I remain in hospital for a few more tests before I can be safely discharged.

Your prayers, above all else, have been a saving grace. Every bump in the road has come with its scares and it’s miraculous reassurances. There is much power in prayer and we thank you. We pray for blessings on each of you.

God bless,

Vanessa and Marc-Antoine

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