Included here is an archive of my writings and interviews on external websites, blogs, podcasts and in literary journals.

The “Heartfelt” Poetry Contest 2021–“Mariana” Published February 2021

The “Wingless Dreamer” Literary Contest 2019–TOP 50 “Hidden, I Hide” Published February 10, 2019


theYoungCatholicWoman “The Problem with People Pleasing” Published December 28, 2021

theYoungCatholicWoman “Sisters in Christ” Published February 28, 2019

theYoungCatholicWoman “A Healing Prayer for the Married Woman” Published January 7, 2019

theYoungCatholicWoman “Hope in The Darkness of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety” Published November 3, 2018

Surthrival Diaries Podcast

“On Child Loss and Keeping Faith”

Published January 14, 2022