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Lands of Ink&Paper—2020

The writer, the reader, the creative dreamer—to these three I will always belong. I have a hunger to write and create, and yet I struggle with plot development. The ideas burst forth at first in a rush, my fingers trip over themselves as they fly across the keyboard unable to write fast enough. Before long,… Continue reading Lands of Ink&Paper—2020

Book Review

Lands of Ink&Paper—March Reads and Reviews

Yay for the sun breaking through the thick winter haze, for warming my soul and gifting me sweet kisses from Christ! With warmer weather came a renewed spirit and definitely put the pep back into my step, as in my moving feet and not so much my writing. Since the thawing of spring has begun,… Continue reading Lands of Ink&Paper—March Reads and Reviews

Book Review

Lands of Ink&Paper—February “Reads and Reviews”

February was mostly masked by the winter blues, directly affecting my productivity for sure! As a result, I spent more time reading and reflecting instead of writing. I still managed to accumulate a humble 6,500 word count however. It was not the 20,000 I'd hoped for or the 15,000 achievment of January, but life required… Continue reading Lands of Ink&Paper—February “Reads and Reviews”

Book Review

Lands of Ink & Paper—January “Reads and Reviews”

January was quite productive for me. I managed to write 15,000 words and also read a handful of ebooks and audiobooks. Yay for the busy, full time SAHM! Personally, nothing will ever replace the satisfaction of a printed book. There is no comparison to the ruffling of pages being turned, or the smell of distant… Continue reading Lands of Ink & Paper—January “Reads and Reviews”

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Book Blurb REVEAL and Instagram GIVEAWAY

After much request, here is the tentative book blurb (synopsis) of my current work in progress, "Straddling the Void" (formerly titled "Blind"), a contemporary adult fiction novel: Ambitious and proud, Kyle Lemay, is walking the path to success but when circumstances change and he is fired from a prominent job opportunity, the stress and frustration… Continue reading Book Blurb REVEAL and Instagram GIVEAWAY

Book Review

Book Review “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett

I first read TheHelp in 2011 while vacationing in the rustic cottage country of Gracefield, Québec during my honeymoon. The 40% off sticker was what first prompted me to pick up the book, then the “#1 New York Times Bestseller” heading, and then the purely unique voice of the character on the first page: “Taking… Continue reading Book Review “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett