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“Weapons of War” A Short Story

Unsheathing my weapon, I sharpen it to a lethal point. Concealed beneath the squalor of an apocalyptic sky, I charge the front lines with calculated strokes, stripping my adversary of integrity. Years of practice have shaped my craft and refined my skill so that I hit my mark but draw no blood. “Hide that before… Continue reading “Weapons of War” A Short Story

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Dear Writing Community, I Need Your Help!

This is not an editorial request.I'm in search of a Mentor/Book Coach willing to help out an emerging author through the plotting/outlining process. I'm a terrible plotter! The ideas and characters are swirling around in my mind and on the page but every attempt to identify my plot points goes sour. I don't know which… Continue reading Dear Writing Community, I Need Your Help!

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“Safe” A Short Story

CONTENT WARNING: The content of this short story, although not explicit, deals with mature subject matter. Her knitted sweater caught on a branch. With shaking hands, she tore herself free, stumbling forward. Night creatures croaked and screeched, raising the hair on the back of her exposed neck. The sound of crisp leaves under heavy feet… Continue reading “Safe” A Short Story