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Podcast Interviews & More

In November, I had the honour of being interviewed by Erika Oley for the Surthrival Diaries Podcast, a podcast on overcoming loss and grief. Having read my blog post, “Miracles & Trauma,” I was invited to share more of my experience and testimony on Episode 6 of Season 1, “On Child Loss & Keeping Faith.”

Erika is a beautiful soul, seeking to help others navigate their pain and finding healing. You can find her on her website, Facebook or on Instagram.

“The Problem With People Pleasing”

Before Christmas, I was unwell and spent an unexpected week in hospital. During that time, I felt inspired to write a devotional reflection which has since been featured on theYoungCatholicWoman blog, titled: “The Problem with People Pleasing.”

If you are like me and find yourself in a cycle of wanting to please but ultimately failing to fulfill expectations, this reflection might be for you!

Coming Soon!

Last month, I recorded a podcast episode with Jackie Amsden of These Mums Write, a podcast for writing mom’s. We spoke about my journey as a writer and how my projects have evolved to accommodate life and its surprises (I also share about Raphaël and the memoir I am writing about my near-death experience).

These Mums Write inspires busy mums to achieve their creative writing goals and dreams. Listeners learn ways to fuel their writing, get their stories seen and find joy and laughter in the everyday chaos that is being a writing mother. In an effort to uncover secrets to success and tricks of the trade, Jackie interviews writing moms to share their experiences and wisdom.

Stay tuned for this podcast episode coming soon! In the meantime, you can check out These Mums Write on the podcast app of your choice. You can also find Jackie on Instagram.

What’s New?

The holiday season was—unsurprisingly—quite busy for me. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time or energy to write content for my novel, “The Power of a Name,” (the memoir I am writing about the trauma of my son’s death and my miraculous healing). However, I have been steadily working on the edits and revisions of, “FANTACY: Daughter of Fate,” which is slotted for publication this SUMMER!!!

My first ever digital painting!
Arianna, the main character in “FANTACY: Daughter of Fate.”

If you are interested in being a Beta Reader for Fantacy, you can submit your candidacy by e-mailing me. I am looking for general feedback regarding plot, character development and dialogue (etc) as I work to polish the final draft. If interested, you can apply below. Although I will not be accepting every applicant, I appreciate the support and the interest. Thank you!

As my children get ready to return to school in person (and my husband returns to work), I endeavour to write new material for an hour each day. It will be a bittersweet process, recounting the traumatic events of my son’s death and of my healing journey, but I strongly believe it will be therapeutic for me in the end.

Thank you for reading and, as always, God bless!

Vanessa Marie Caron

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